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Barkham Blue

£3.15 per 100g

A rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour.


Battlefield Blue 250g

£6.50 each

A small individual blue cheese aged for 8-12 weeks within the maturing cellars at Sparkenhoe Farm. Battlefield Blue cheese is creamy and mellow with a distinctive blue bite.



£3.15 per 100g

One of the most iconic modern British artisan cheeses. Sweetly floral and aromatic, sometimes spiky with intensely pineapple like flavours, with age comes a nutty quality and flaky texture.


Blacksticks Blue

£2.50 per 100g

Distinctive amber hue, a unique soft blue veined cheese.

Source: http://www.leicestershirecheese.co.uk/index.php

Bosworth Field

£2.60 per 100g

Made with unpasteurised milk. A mould ripened cheese, semi-soft with a white crumbly centre.


Brie de Meaux Rouzaire

£2.10 per 100g

Description coming soon


Caboc (110g)

£3.50 each

Said to be Scotland's oldest cheese. Double cream Highland cheese, hand rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal. Truly outrageous, like butter and clotted cream mixed, gorgeous, just don't let the cat near it!


Cambridge Blue

£2.20 per 100g

This distinctive blue cheese is very palatable and has been described as mellow and creamy.

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Camembert Bocage

£2.00 per 100g

Description coming soon


Capra Nouveau

£3.50 per 100g

A rich, smooth and flavoursome semi-soft cheese. Capra Nouveau is washed in homemade cider, resulting in a complex, rich antique-rose rind and a soft, sweet, creamy body within. Winner of 3 Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2012 and named as a Top 50 Food in Great Britain 2012. Aan intriguing blend of nutty and herbaceous flavours, balanced by a hint of fruit from the rindwashing in cider.