Pepperoncini alla calabrese (spicy cherry peppers)


With over forty years’ experience D’Amico is dedicated to lovers of good healthy and nutritious foods. The range of specialities, preserves, pesto and anchovies offer originality, imagination and creativity in the kitchen.

D’Amico’s delicious range of vegetables is a nice addition to any appetizer, main dish or excellent served as a side vegetable. If you are looking for different flavours, taste and textures then the D’Amico range is perfect for the refined palate of discerning connoisseurs. D’Amico is definitely a key wild card to keep in your pantry.


In Italian cuisine, grilled vegetables are a common component, adding colour, health benefits and a burst of sweetness to countless dishes. Artichokes, tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and peppers are just a few of the ingredients that you’ll find char-grilled and preserved in oil in the Bontà Italia product range, all of them made from fresh and ready to be added into your favourite pasta, rice dish or salad. Also, don’t forget about our sweet & sour sun-dried peppers and our dried chopped peppers, porcini mushrooms and courgette rings. Robust with flavour, these vegetables will add that extra taste you need to make every dish a winner.

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